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So can I beat that crap (can I), so can I move yore back (can I).
So can I grab you're bitch,
excuse my this and that.

I lean and I'm too rare, Picasso body paint,
We smokin' thru the pain, exectly that's my gang.
Let's make a fuckin' toast,
It seems like I supposed.
Someone got's overdose,
Someone got's overdose.
When I pull up with my tootie, I be hungry,
And I eat that ass til she gets hurt.
Where is the mind of these motherfuckin' idiots,
Why they fuckin' with the same damn jerks.
You parked near peso house,
What can you do for some ounce.
And chandelier in a car, bouce,
Make it clear, you can do nothing about it.
So make it rain, baby, haliluya, and
How much we spend for a minute, going hard, won't sleep.
She jealous bout me and that just like I would,
Smoke back and I eat good.

She was talking like her moma,
She used to always put some commas.
I met her in early sumer,
For now I'm stuck in this drama.
But I'm free this evening,
And everything going low.
Bitch, I open wavy season,
And everybody got a hoe.
Hey, bitchi, you gotta be chose me,
Yung Wavy, stupendo, I prove shit.
Be ready, couse I introduce shit,
So heavy, my fetti, but cool shit.
I'm glad that you making excuses,
But this not enough you can lose it.
So can I drop that bullshit,
Can or not, I do shit.

Музыкальный клип Wavy Dem 044 - Can I( HURT/ 傷害 )

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