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i hope you stacking
i hope you putting some money to the side
my nigga and paying yoor taxes
i hope you not incriminating you and your niggas on songs if youre trapping
i hope you dressing yourself and not following niggas opinions on fashion
i hope them cars that you driving aint rented just to get some comments on instagram
oh shit they are, cause youre not the man
low self esteem, hide it in lean
zan every meal
you fucking weak
robbing your plug?
you aint got no plan
but im not here to judge
cause apparently you doing your thing

i know they see me
pants got a flood lil bit katrina?
oh you wearing vans and supreme this season?
stop lying to yourself nigga me the reason

right now?
a lil grovey with some nice sounds
this lil groupie want the pipe now
she eating coochie kinda dyke now
i got a new dirtbike wow
and it match the go kart go skert now
i really want a la ferarri
can you lower the price down?

im not one
when it come to a vision they aint got one
rolling a never gave me a cover
so i shot one
i aint do college i said fuck them lessons
i aint join no gang i said fuck them weapons
grabbed keyboard
clancy crossed my path
cashed my first check and said fuck depression

nigga what you stand for?
everybody lean everybody gang tho
nigga you a new slave im an old one
thanks to ben yang still walking around with chains on
you aint seen no shit like mine
you aint seen no dick like mine

dick head ima go nuts
niggas told me to grow up
so i matured to a v10
im in a vancant lot doing donuts

there go my ego lego my eggo never sip syrup shout my nigga scooty
you dont want beef lettuce know
he can eat that bread cause he pushing that mayo, fuego
respect when see him, boy last album was a musical museum,
something always lost with you niggas like liam neison
boy you better run here i come

snorting glitter portrait pictures
i dont run with many cause they walk is bitter
niggas mad at T
where the tall freckled white boys at?
cause i dont fuck with niggas

they not my homies, they not my woodies
they not my team, they are bench warmers,
i am a stormer, i am a trouper
i am a couper
but it lost its vaule as soon as i moved it
i run a business, i do not have time for niggas opinions
they fucking stupid, dont need, dont want em, i drop em they dead weight them niggas is useless

neck heavy like some muthafucking bad news
thanks to ben baller walking with a hunchback
got a new white one, that i worked hard for
so the doors on my car doing jump jacks
my big bro frank porche
lil bro taco gotta beemer
if you see em around me
they eatin we all good its like fema
but of course
i sit in room with a to do list
proceed to do play acoustics
you, sit around and look at me feeling foolish rolling up and make excuses

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