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Oh, this was your thing.
Oh Guys, Im really sorry about that.
You know what? Dont worry about it.

Everythings ok, cause Im on vacation.
We spent fourteen hours on that sandcastle.
Everything is great, cause Im on vacation.
At least were not back at our jobs,
Which is at an ice cream sandwich factory.

We need it
We want it
We on it.
Surf, beach, palm trees, got no worries.
Typically I ride a bike by myself, but Im on vacation,
Im gonna ride with someone else.
We rented a double bike, two man on a double bike.
Ive always wondered what a double bike ride feels like.
I think, theres something in my eye, but its ok.
Cause Im still on vacation.
I left my fashion sense at home,
Its time to get our airbrush T-shirt on.
Im willing to pay anything he wants me to pay,
Cause he can make a shirt say anything I want to say.
Birthday girl.
First cousin.
I love dolphins.
Teen mom.
Dog person.
Steve Jobs.

Uh, you got a little something on your face.
I know.

But its still ok, cause Im on vacation.
I think he misspelled the word vacation, but thats cool.
Everything is great, cause Im on vacation.
Making ice cream sandwiches is not as fun as it sounds.
Its cold up in here,
And every ice cream sandwich has to be perfect.
That ones upside-down.

On vacay I spend cake on figurines and keepsakes.
This decorative plate (Ima use that),
This sand dollar (I need that),
This snow globe (Ima use that),
This ink pen (Did you see that?).

I cant see at all. But Im still on vacation.

I dont eat fudge much in my daily routine,
But on vacation I judge fudge and become a fudge fiend.
I think I love fudge.
I think Im feeling queezy.
I think this fudge has been drugged,
Who would do such a thing?

[Girls] Me

Turns out these ladies are really running this boutique as a front for an identity theft ring.
And now theyre dragging our limp bodies straight up out of this lobby into the back, where theyre gonna steal everything.

But its still ok (hey) cuz Im on vacation
Right now theyre applying for a car loan as us (Good for them)
Everything is great (hey) cuz Im on vacation
Our boss is very demanding
We only get like a 15 minute lunchbreak
And all we get to eat, is ice cream sandwiches

No cash (Hey, Hey)
No phone
No obvious way to get home
Its time to turn to the only skill that we can fall back on
Sellin ice cream sandwiches at the corner of this street
Twelve dollars for a dozen, or fifty cent a piece
Dont question where we got the ice cream from, just step right up and sample some
Cookies the nicest
Ice cream the whitest
But I think whats inside this, is a mutated virus
We might have just unleashed the zombie apocalypse

But its still ok, cause Im on vacation.
Everything is great, cause Im on vacation.
How did zombies get in here? This is a flashback scene.
But its still ok, cause Im on vacation.
And why are they in this music video at all? This is so cliche.
Well, technically these are time traveling zombies, which is slightly more original.

Everything is great, cause Im on vacation

Hey Stupid and Dummy Your vacation was not approved, and youre both fired

Permanent vacation

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