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I Will Never Be Your Friend OST Welcome to Hell - отличная песня для наших любимых и уважаемых посетителей. Надеюсь вам понравилось.

I Will Never (Be Your Friend) (OST Welcome to Hell) - Irish Stew of Sindidun фото

Текст этой песни

You came into my world
Settled me down in spite of my wild life
You took my hand, I felt so strong
When I saw myself in your skyblue eyes
And the more I looked at you the more you smiled at me
And the more we talked I lived my sweetest dream
I tried to move my head, I tried to close my eyes
twas only you I could see, and then I realised...

I will never be your friend
Life has always been worse than it seemed
I feel so sad, I just pretend
Youre so close, but so far away from me

Her skin was white like a lily
Her bonny cheeks were red as a rose
Her eyes were blue as the ocean
She made me happy, was just one of those
And then one day, after time of happiness
She made me sad and made me think of the end
She picked the colours, painted my entire world
Then soiled all she painted with a hasty move

Cold morning, still the same
Now every drop of dew is a teardrop in my eye
And these wounds dont seem to heal
The clock is counting down in my tired heart
The last time I saw you was at N.N.W.O
I killed my seventh pint and I wanted seven more
I was as ruined as ship that couldnt reach the shore
The time cannot erase the things we shared before

And now, Im roaming the streets
Refreshing memory of what we used to be
Will I give myself another try?
The only home Ive ever had was in your arms
Now I feel so hollow, lost in space and time
But theres a flame, still burning in this heart of mine
Ill give myself a try to find another way
At least Ill roam again and again
Author Bojan Petrović

Музыкальный клип AMV - Welcome to Hell [amvnews.ru]

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