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My husband's a wimp
His henchman are simply useless
The servants and staff are inbreeds and half-wits too
Oh god, how I need someone here
Willing to get things done here
Someone who shares my point of view
But who?

(Suddenly Madalena's reflections start talking back to her from the mirrors)

Madalena's Reflections It's you
No one but you

No one's as smart
And hard of heart
And looks the part
Like you
Who'd pull off a coup d'état like you?
While rocking a push-up bra like you?
Well here's a clue
No one but you
And you.
And you.
And you.

Madalena Well don't look so shocked
No need to concoct excuses
A bottom this tight, why, power's your rightful due
Madalena's Reflections It's true.
You know it, too.
Madalena And frankly upon reflection
Given such sheer perfection
Someone should take the cue
Guess who
Madalena's Reflections Guess who
Madalena It's me

No one but me

Nobody wheels
And double deals
In killer heels
Like me
Madalena's Reflections There's nobody who could rule like you
While making her subjects drool at you
While tough to the core like you
Let's face it, who's more like you than you?
No one but you

Madalena Who has the brains
To break her chains
And seize the reign?
Madalena's Reflections Yeah, you
It's been quite the social climb for you
And honey, at last, it's time for you
So, answer the call for you
And go take it all for you
Who else is going to?
No one but you...

Get it, girl You the queen Go get em, gal

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