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Could it be the love that answer why i feel so good when I want to stay
Here with you, only with you
Could it be the love that I want to give that I thought was true
But I just can't feel
Only with you, only with you

You sure just chill
Search for the world I deal
But you are doing what is real
Just you're teaching to the heal
And you're teatching not the steel
But we need to keep working
Just up the dirting
Away from all the jerks
So none of them can hurt
Take a look at waht we're doing
Cause a perfect flowing
Ah yeah
If we take a look at mankind
Everybody is doing crimes
You know that it's time

You see a hole up in the sky
And we are acting wild
So why don't to discover yo
And try to change the topic
Make profit
So don't you even bother it
Love is all what we are needing
Our Earth is bleeding
Hollywood is pleading
To anyone that is believing
So none of us get hurting
It's time for us to get right
Forget the black and the white
Just keeping love in sight
Preaching every day and night

I just don't know
Why I wanna stay
Love the answer
I just don't know
Why I wanna stay
Here with you
Only, only with you

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