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Голоса: 0 | Исполняет: Ben Gold Feat. The Glass Child

Fall With Me Original Mix - отличная песня для наших любимых и уважаемых посетителей. Надеюсь вам понравилось.

Fall With Me (Original Mix) - Ben Gold Feat. The Glass Child фото

Текст этой песни

Reach out for emptiness
Our arms embrace the silence
No trace or consequence
We fade into the sky
Two lines that cross & bend
So close, we touch the fire
I step beyond the edge
And fall into your eyes
Were the stars
Above the world with arms wide open
Its who we are
And all were made to be
The night is ours
Breathe the dawn and Im awoken
When we fall were free
Fall with me

Музыкальный клип jose amnesia - follow me (original mix)

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