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Голоса: 0 | Исполняет: Apollo Brown and Guilty Simpson

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Yeah, motherf*cker

One man, I don't need a big mob motherf*ckers
One man, yall can't fuck with this,
Dice Game
One man, yeah one man

This might be the last time, this might be the last rhyme
they might bless nines, they might hit me
they might get me, I might have that with me
I might get dumb with that fifty.
they might be frisk me, I might be clean,
I might not be, yeah that's..
'cause I might have heard you drop someone
call the cop you saw that fifty I might to have history
I might leave whiskey, I might leave Henny,
I'm longer in the tooth but I'm longer in the..
I'm Miley yeah I heard I was gonna like me
but had the gram won't fight me
I might black out, pull em mack out, clap out
switch she's a little trap out, just flat out
yeah this rap is getting too much height
so I last shout strike, with super human mike

Yeah I don't need the squad, ask around to say easy ground just
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One man, whip your heart to ten and all I spark em in is, one man
at the time I checking your own squad for getting out of line motherf*cker
I'm one man, that's me, and all I need to make you bleed and suffer.

I Gave more to the ghetto straight bullets,
OG ran to max and the mission
fuck that, tell me where the money at
all I care about is the hundred that's fuck that yeah
a lot of yall faith
so I'ma face, I don't trust so I treat em all like
I don't duck and tip toe around the place
before is buck and turn it to a powl mistakes,
why relate similar back ground you don't back down
you late met down cash cows
my whole fows mistake, I turn nothing into a problem papes
something for you fakes, eyes full of hate full of smile to face,
claiming that you hope and shot the fuck up,
self contain motherf*cker.


That's that realness,
Dice Game

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