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I want to say something
About Love
About the love that you promised me to be
Your love has gone ..for nothin

(1 )
Those days were the coldest
when your love is over
I ve lost faith in all (oh no)
how could you be so cruel
after all the words that you said
moments of happiness that we had
plans and dreams that we painted
I never thought that could end
Through the lies and self-deception
Distrust and pain ocean
Our love is gave up
Could not stand opinions the crowds
and if you think that I fall down
And lose my mind
boy, you have to understand and accept
That I will never give up
I will be more stronger
Wont show weak no longer
If your love is gone (no)
I will be more stronger
Now I know how Im gonna live my life
Now I know how to win all this fights
My moon is shinin bright
Woow..thats my ride
My advice for you just stay away
I dont f****n care what you say
My way is in a highway
Woow,go away

Музыкальный клип Britney Spears - Stronger/ Crazy (Live From Las Vegas 2016)

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