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Голоса: 0 | Исполняет: And One

You Without a Me - отличная песня для наших любимых и уважаемых посетителей. Надеюсь вам понравилось.

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A whisper made a rumor that you love me
I don't comprehend without a sorry
Something's gonna die tonight
The secrets of illusion coming lonely
Dangerous, your thoughts are dying slowly

This is all you ever saw
This is all you ever draw on me
Now you know it's hard to see
That everything depends on me
You never heard the sound of harmony
Don't you feel it's obviously
Things that happen quiet and we
We never meant a you without a me

You say that every single day's a nighare
Thousand wishes in your mind I don't care
Something's gonna die tonight
And if you think I'm sitting on a white chair
Holy shining halo on my black hair

Музыкальный клип Miss Rubbex on Instagram: “I love hoods and the anonymity they provide me. You will never see me without one becouse a hood is part of me and the mysterious character…”

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