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Are You There? acoustic - отличная песня для наших любимых и уважаемых посетителей. Надеюсь вам понравилось.

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Are you there?
Is it wonderful to know
All the ghosts...
All the ghosts...
Freak my selfish out
My mind is happy
Need to learn to let it go
I know you'd do no harm to me

Since you've been gone I've been lost inside
Tried and failed as we walked by the riverside
Ohh, I wish you could see the love in her eyes
The best friend that eluded you lost in time
Burned alive in the heat of a grieving mind

Ohh, what can I say now?
And it couldn't be more wrong
'Cos there's no one there
Unmistakably lost and her without a care
Did we lose all the love that we could have shared
And it's wearing me down
And it's turning me round
And I can't find a way
Now to find it out
Ohh, where are you when I need you...

Are you there?

Музыкальный клип Anathema - A Dying Wish [Were You There?]

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