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I always think of you, baby
Oh yeah

I verse

I know keep being in the mood I need, but it is hard for me
Everybody wants me, but theyre stupid, they dont see
They just dont know the truth and they will never be my men
And I believe here will be only you until the end
The world keeps moving baby and I ask you dont be blind
Dont leave me here alone trying to fight this boring life
Its boring cause there is no joy without you and its dark
You know at night I pray to God for you, cause youre my luck
I know you very well, but not completely, yeah
And you should know that I will be with you no matter where
You gave me the best days, Im thankful, youre the best
And now Im here lying with the stone in my chest
For all the love, all the truth
Our sky, our moon
For every tear I cried for you, I just thank you
I dont know what to say
I dont know anything
Your eyes made me want tell you all the stupid things I think..

Chorus To feel your heart
To be with you
Thats all I wanna do
I wanna hear your breath
I wanna dream with you
I give my soul to you, and all my dreams become truth
I gotta be free...and its being with you

II verse

You dont know
How many tears I cried since that day
Cause Ill never let someone see my sad face
Except you, baby, cause I cant control myself
When Im with you, when I feel your hands in my hands
It was right there
You were in me
Everything was
So good, I was happY
I feel I go insane
The silence in the room
I think Im in a prison of my thoughts
Im lost
I gotta stop
But I cant and I stand
Here with a mirror, and I see there
Just the steam of my dream
And it seems that you here
Feel your smell now..
I really miss it..oh
Cause my body remembers the time
When you always used to hold me so tight
We did things that made us lose our minds
I love everything about you your voice and your style
And in the night baby...I still see your smile


You come close and I see
Youre the only my dream
And your eyes are so deep like an ocean
I just smile and I cry, and I wanna scream
Now I cant, cant control my emotions
Its so cold but I can feel your touch on my wrist
And theres nothing at all, just no fear

I see clouds and the Sun
Were together and Im
Ready now to give my everything
For this sweet dream

Музыкальный клип Chris Rea.I Just Wanna Be With You.

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